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When there is a risk to your property, we use the best equipment to safely and accurately trim or cut your trees. We'll work carefully so trees do not damage your property,


We use a complex cabling system to work with trees that are structurally unstable and pose a danger to your property.

Careful tree trimming

and removal

Call us to cut even the most difficult trees.


Reliable and professional

tree trimming

 •  Remove unstable trees

 •  Work with incredible precision

 •  Safe and skilled removal

 •  Dangerous and difficult jobs

 •  Years of experience

 •  Reliable service

 •  Crane cutting and trimming

 •  Avoid costly property damage

Crane and cabling tree trimming services

Jim's Tree Service has been cutting and removing trees since 1990. We are fully licensed and insured to take care of even the most difficult trees. Call us for full tree removal services and selective cutting or stump grinding.

Full tree removal and selective cutting

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